Viktige videoer som vil utvide din horisont – Del 3

Capitalism as Pathology: The Guise of the Illusory “Green Economy” (extended)

Technological Unemployment | 60 minutes

Morten Messerschmidt taler til Helle Thorning-Schmidt i Europaparlamentet

Four Horsemen – Feature Documentary – Official Version

Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles

Humans Are Monkeys

Ancient Mysteries & Parallel Dimensions (Graham Hancock)

NWO: DOMINO EFFECT (2013 Full Documentary)

Blue Gold : World Water Wars (Official Full Length Film)

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money

Kampen om hampen 1/10

Propaganda, Black Public Relations & Mind Control Report Part 1

RFK – Bloodline Assassins (2013 Full Documentary)

CORPORATE FASCISM: The Destruction of America’s Middle Class

An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

Logic, Fallacies, and the Trivium. Tony Myers Interviews Jan Irvin

Aric Sigman 1 – The Spoilt Generation

Aric Sigman 2 – Fatherhood

Russell Brand I love you but you’re wrong – Topher VBlog 009 response to Paxman vs Brand interview

Weapons of Mass Instruction John Gatto

The Greatest History Lesson – John Taylor Gatto – The Truth About Your Education

Human Resources: Social Engineering In The 20th Century (Full Length Documentary)

Obama torn to shreds by Fox News over Syria. Seriously A Must Watch

Glenn Greenwald “Dick Cheney Engaged In Some Of The Most Radical & Criminal Conduct In The U.S.!”

The Spanish Inquisition (Full Documentary)

The DSM: Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam

The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs

The Philosophy of Liberty

Father and son relationship

What Is The All-Seeing Eye ?

War on Health – Gary Null’s documentary exposing the FDA

Media Manipulation Tactics Analysis 1/3

Retired Police Captain demolishes the War on Drugs

David Paulides – Missing 411 Interview – 9-22-13

More Mysterious Disappearances

David Paulides Strange Disappearances2014 (new) [documentary]


Darwin’s Heretic: Did the Co-Founder of Evolution Embrace Intelligent Design?

You are a Terrorist (Du bist Terrorist) German, English Subtitles

Naomi Wolf on the End of America Part 1 of 2

Who the Hell You Think You Are?’ Nigel Farage throws egg in Eurocrat faces

Farage / the EU who is who !!

Pink Floyd-Another Brick In The Wall

University, College, Higher Education, Memorization, Propaganda, Indoctrination, Dogma

War on Drugs Keeps Failing While Portuguese Drug Decriminalization Works

Selvironisk kurs i tv-journalistikk fra NRK

Tommy Douglas – Mouseland

Viktige videoer som vil utvide din horisont – Del 2

Brustne hjerterom, om barnevernets maktmisbruk

NRKTV – Se Brennpunkt: Skjulte Bånd

How the Government Manipulates Your Thoughts Online | Big Brother Watch

The Zeitgeist Exposed

Commission: Corruption costs EU 120 billion yearly

‘Breathtaking’: Corruption cost in EU equals its annual budget

An Israeli Soldier’s Story – Eran Efrati 

Elite child sex slaves “1981” forgotten documentary 

George Carlin – National Press Club [complete]

Fuck the poor

Public “Education” has become indoctrination and distraction

The Vaccine Experiment – In the service of good, pt 1 of 4

Dokument 2 Et løfte om beskyttelse del 1 av 3

Top Documentary Films – The Secrets of Body Language

Bending Science: How Special Interests Corrupt Public Health Research

Counter Intelligence I: The Company (Full Length Documentary)

Counter Intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations – Part II: The Deep State

Counter Intelligence III- The Strategy of Tension (Full Length Documentary)

Counter Intelligence   Part IV – Necrophilous

Counter Intelligence | Part V – Drone Nation

Minority Rule- The Rise of Political Correctness – Documentary

Porkins Policy Radio ep 20 The Falsification of Genocide with Keith Harmon Snow

Profiteering From Genocide pt1 Keith Harmon Snow

Profiteering From Genocide Pt2 Keith Harmon Snow

Jeg trodde at det bare var kristne som mente Hary Potter og magi var farlig, men så viser det seg at religiøse muslimer også er av samme oppfatning. Særdeles interessant seminar om noe de færreste her i vesten vet noe om, nemlig Jinns. Anbefales! How To Protect Yourself From Magic, Evil Eye & The Jinn – Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble

The Jinns & Demons World Explained in All Details! Warning this video may shock some of you!!

Transdimensional Relationship between Djinn ET Presence and Humanity

Rosa Koire: Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013

Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version

Under Our Skin

The Greatest Truth Never Told – Full  

The Ethical Foundation of Addressing Scientific Conflict of Interest

Conformity Bias

Conflict of Interest

Law Enforcement Opposed to the War on Drugs 

Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics 

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism

Universe or Multiverse Documentary HD 720p Discovery & Documentary HD

True Crime Authors : Frank Serpico with Peter Maa

Heather Barnett: What humans can learn from semi-intelligent slime

War On Drugs_ The Prison Industrial Complex.flv

Gore Vidal on Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis

History… Debate: Larken Rose vs. Tom Willcutts (Anarchy vs. Authority)

The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror.

Council on ForeignRelations – The Power Behind Big News                                                                                                                                           None dare call it conspiracy
Sahra Wagenknecht aboutthe EU Crisis and the civil war in Ukraine

Otto Jespersen – monolog – jøder, anmeldelse og antisemittisme

“Ett rättfärdigt krig?” (“A Just War?”) av Maj Wechselmann (1992)

John Pilger – Paying the Price – Killing the Children of Iraq [2000]

Who are the real terrorists ?

Immigration, World Poverty and rubber balls. Immigrasjon, verdens fattigdom og gummiballer.

All your devices can be hacked – Avi Rubin

Wall Street C.E.O. song

The Real Story_Smart Meters-Part-1

The Money Trail_Smart Meters-Part-2

Magic, Spells, the State, and You! Part 1

12-Year Old Child Reveals One of the Best Kept Secretsin the World

Starsuckers Documentary (Part 1)

The War On Kids 01 

Mark Passio – The Trivium

Peg Luksik Who Controls Our Children  How Public Schools Dumb Down Kids

Ken Robinson- How to escape education’s death valley

Sir Ken Robinson- Bring on the learning revolution!

Sir Ken Robinson, Keri Facer  Mick Waters – Learning Without

The Covert Origins of ISIS

The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order Agenda 21

The Mystery of Perception During Near Death Experiences – Pim van Lommel

Trans-Humanism – Genetic Modification of all Life – Nano-Technology – HAARP – Geoengineering – Film

How Language Is Used to Deceive You- Politics, Business, World Events, Sports, and Law (1989)

Untouchables on Wall Street


Michael Tsarion – Red Ice Live: The Brotherhood of Death 1/2

Michael Tsarion – Red Ice Live: The Brotherhood of Death – 2/2

Words by Stefan Molyneux

186 Dave McGowan CIA & the Magic of Laurel Canyon –Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream
198 Dave McGowan “The CIA and the Music of Laurel Canyon — The Magic Carpet Ride”

“You don’t own your Stocks….or any of your Bonds…The Depository Trust Company 


CEDE & CO – The Seeding Company, they have all the seeds

Plastic Planet 2014 – full time

Addicted to Plastic (Documentary)

The leaching of BPA from the polycarbonate plastics and the polycarbonate plastic lining of containers is particularly alarming in light of the serious health risks associated with BPA ingestion. More than 200 lab animal tests to date strongly suggest that BPA exposure, even at very low doses, creates risks of dangerous developmental, neural and reproductive health effects in infants and children. Exposure to BPA, even at low and short-term doses, is linked to a staggering number of health problems

Depression: The Misunderstood Epidemic

RISE UP – [Official Video]

Brainwashing and Religion

Michael Tsarion – The Irish Origins of Civilization

America is a bad boyfriend                                                                                                                                                                                       

Are the rich that different?

Connect the dots and you’ll see the war on the poor and working families — and why.

We Are Built To Be Kind

Politiet har humor 😉

How America Can Be Like A Bad Boyfriend

Gray State trailer –

CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons

Denne må sees !!! This is a must see !!!

Lurer du på hva politikerne stemmer på Stortinget og lover i partiprogrammene? Følg opp dine folkevalgte her! Les mer her

Historical Cycles: Are we doomed to repeat the past?

Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version)

The Weight of Chains | Teina lanaca (2010)

Naomi Wolf Reveals How & Why Fake News Stories Are Created & Propagated

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick  

Education Is a System of Indoctrination of the Young – Noam Chomsky

Finansforbundet University- Lederens otte gode grunde til at tale usandt

Nanos In Our Food

Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know Is Wrong

Red Ice Radio – Mike Cross – Hour 1 – Philosophy of a Psychopathic Society

The Corruption in Science

The war against terrorism is not a war against terrorism, it`s a war waged by the real terrorists and its`a war against humanity. How can that be you might ask ? Our leaders and their followers are primary and secondary psychopaths, and psychopaths are not like humans, they are parasites, and the parasites can not live without nonpsychopaths, they need a host to suck the life force out of. We are their hosts, their food, we are the air they breath. But we, the nonpsychopaths, have no need for the psychopaths, at the matter of fact, our lives would improve SOOO MUCH if the psychopaths disappeared. Without us they would seize to exist, without them we would grow and thrive.

Why refugees dont fly

Hellstorm – The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Documentary w/ Subtitles)

Mark Passio on How Our Reality is Built – The Importance of the Trivium (& Keeping Slaves Ignorant)

Mark Passio – The Cult Of Ultimate Evil – Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine

Mark Passio How Public Schools Teach Worship Of Money & Government

Mark Passio The 14 Methods Of Manipulation 12th Religion

Dangers Of The Freeman Movement. Mark Passio, Clint Richardson, Billl Turner

No Logo: Brands, Globalization & Resistance

The Story of Your Enslavement





Viktige videoer som vil utvide din horisont – Del 1

Bilderesultat for pics of unlocking the mind


These are my favorite must see videos. Please enjoy 🙂 You can even download them and convert them to mp3 files with this one ​ 

Who Really Owns the Mainstream Media??

Vance Packard – Originally aired March 1989

TRANSHUMANISM (Full): Techno-eugenics for the neo-feudal age

Denne filmen er det beste argumentet jeg noensinne har sett mot transhumanisme. Anbefales på det sterkeste!!!

The Truth Behind The Energy Lie (What The Energy Cartels Don’t want you to know)

The Shock Doctrine 2009

The Secret of Oz – Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11

Pyramids of Waste (2010), AKA The Lightbulb Conspiracy – Planned obsolescence documentary (norwegian subtitles)

The Corporation (Full Length Documentary)


The Power Principle: (Full Length Documentary)

The Origins of Evil – Michael Tsarion


How The Media Controls Society

What TV does to your brain YouTube

Secrets in Plain Sight 1-23 (Full video)

The Gangster Nature of the State

Tangible evidence of the Comet of AD 562 by Alan Hassell

The Comet that destroyed Britain in AD 562 by Alan Hassell



The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence


Super Rich The Greed Game

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

Why They Sank The Titanic

Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition

UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact v2.0 full length

Secret Ancient Knowledge: Gregg Braden – The Divine Matrix

Royal Rife – Suppressed Medical Knowledge

Royal Raymond Rife Suppressed Medical Technology

Wilhelm Reich – Cloudbuster

Psywar – The Real Battlefield is in the mind

Problems with Darwin’s theory of Evolution, Frog to Prince

Problems with Darwin’s theory of Evolution, Frog to Prince (1/2)

Dr. Michael Parenti: The 1% Pathology And The Myth of Capitalism

Michael Parenti, The Darker Myths of Empire: Heart of Darkness

Michael Parenti: Methods of Media Manipulation

Michael Parenti – The Assassination of Julius Caesar

Prof. Philip Zimbardo: The Secret Power of Time

Mark Gungor – Tale of Two Brains (first part)

William Guy Carr – The Pawns in the Game Speech

Operation Gladio – BBC Timewatch

On the Run from the CIA: The Experiences of a Central Intelligence

Nothing to fear…but GOVERNMENT itself!

Narcissists – Full Documentary

Michael Tsarion – The Posthuman World

Michael Tsarion – Psychic Vampirism

Mark Passio speaks to the New Age, the Naive, the Misinformed and the Trolls

Learn About The illuminati with Mark Passio – Incredible Interview

Coast To Coast Am – January 7 2013 – Money Laundering

Who Killed The Electric Car? Part 1 Greek Subtitles

Israeli Myths & Propaganda. Ilan Pappe

Human v2.0

Government Explained to an Alien

Global Elite : What are there Plans for us ??

George Carlin – Voting is meaningless

Full Documentary- Peace, Propaganda And The Promised Land

Financial Terrorism Exposed!! – Thomas Sheridan (Psychopaths in Public Life )

Exposing the Secrets of the CIA: Agents, Experiments, Service, Missions, Operations, Weapons, Army

David Stockman: We’ve Been Lied To, Robbed, And Mislead

Corporate Greed & Media Manipulation

Electromagnetic Pollution And Disease Main Show AUG 17 2013 Coast To Coast AM

The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA Drug Smuggling (1995) Full Length

CIA documentary : On Company Business (1980)

CIA Drug Ops Conspiracy ( Full Length )

Coast To Coast AM June 19 2013 Darwin & Intelligent Design C2CAM Radio Disclosure Radio

Burp! Pepsi Versus Coke by John Pilger Full feature.mp4

Bertrand Russell: The Most Evil Man Of The 20th Century

Bad News: How PR Came to Rule Modern Journalism – Michael Marshall

Assassination of General Patton

Art Bell w/ George Lutz “Amityville Horror Homeowner Speaks” (Art Bell Project)

Ancient Aliens Debunked – (full movie) HD

Alfie Kohn – The Deadly Effects of “Tougher Standards” at the 2011 MAAP Conference

Alfie Kohn – The (Alternative) Schools Our Kids Deserve – 2011 MAAP Conference

97% Owned – Economic Truth documentary – Queuepolitely cut

Coast to Coast AM – September 1 2013 – Other 9-11 Suspects

9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!

9/11 – Mike Ruppert – The Truth And Lies Of 911 -(Full length)

Debunking 9/11 Debunking – Let’s Get Empirical – Pt.1 of 9

Maurice Ward on US t.v.

Maurice on Tomorrows World–uTI

Maurice Ward Starlite The Great Egg test

The Beautiful Truth – Full Version

Faraday Cage: Garbage Can, Really?

The Anti-Gravity Secret of Coral Castle – FULL VERSION



Henry Ford & Rudolf Diesel Against Petroleum Part 1

Henry Ford & Rudolf Diesel Against Petroleum Part 2

How Hemp Threatens the Corporatocracy

Water car inventor murdered after turning down a billion dollars to sell patent

The Banker

Innocents Betrayed – The History of Gun Control – FULL LENGTH

Rikets tilstand – Kappløpet om hjernen (1/2)

How They Fake Terrorism — Manufactured Fear I – Final Draft

How They Fake Terrorism — Manufactured Fear II

CNN busted producing FAKE news from first Gulf War!!!

Rant worth listening too

MIND CONTROL MADE EASY! Become a Cult Leader Today!

David Icke – Do You REALLY Want to Know This??

John Lash – Challenge to the Crop Circle Wizards

Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie

The Electric Universe Pt1 of 4

Michael Badnarik “How bad Do Things Have to Get Before YOU Do Something?”

5 Police Officers vs A law knowing Citizen


John Pilger om massemedia på NRK 14.oktober 2011

The Numeric Language of Secret Societies – Part 1 of 2

Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

Rigged USA Elections Exposed

Powerful video Can’t explain it just watch

Aerosol Crimes (a.k.a. Chemtrails) 2005 Documentary

Perception – The reality beyond matter


Datatilsynet et vern mot det autoritære




Datatilsynet har et spesielt og sammensatt mandat. Dels skal tilsynet anvende norske rettsregler og dels skal det delta aktivt i diskusjonen om hvorledes disse reglene eventuelt bør endres. Vi skal altså samtidig være vår broders vokter og oppdrager. Det er på den ene siden et utrykk for generøs tillit. På den annen side har det medført at Stortinget og partiene har abdisert fra sine forpliktelser til selv å lede, forme og konkretisere personvernets profil og innhold. Den årlige stortingsdebatten om Datatilsynets virksomhet avvikles på få minutter. Det kan selvfølgelig tolkes som bred tilfredshet med arbeidet som utføres, men det kan også leses som likegyldighet.

Det kan også føyes til at Norge på dette området ikke har interesseorganisasjoner som engasjerer seg systematisk i spørsmål som knyttes til personvernets innhold og fremtid.

Behovet for å samle , systematisere, oppbevare og videreformidle personopplysninger vokser meget sterkt i vår samtid. Det er ikke mangel på tekniske innretninger som gjør en slik bruk både mulig, billig og effektivt. I fremtiden venter det det flere innretninger og systemer som først innebærer at vi etterlater oss spor, som dernest kan samle dem sammen og analysere dem, og så bruke dem til egne nye formål. Misbruker potensiale er stort, og øker rimeligvis jo lenger man får anledning til å oppbevare og bruke opplysningene. 

Lovgiverne er sikkert oppmerksomme på disse tingene, men de anviser sjelden prosjekter etter en avveining av antatte ulemper not antatte fordeler. I stedet sørger man for å forby misbruk i vedtakene og forskriftene. Det til tross for at hele historien – inklusive den norske – er breddfull av eksempler på at kunnskaper er blitt brukt til noe annet enn hva de var ment for. Men når forslaget om innsamlingen presenteres, er det ikke mer enn rimelig at de mange gode begrunnelsene fra operatørene og utstyrsleverandørene er det som fanger vår oppmerksomhet. Dette er nå mulig! Dette må vi gjøre! Går det  likevel galt  en gang i fremtiden og tiltaket viser seg å ha pådratt ubehag eller vanskeligheter, vil det alltid stå en regjering klar som kan be om unnskyldning og legge ved en sjekk.

Krav om <<sletting av opplysninger>> blir i visse innflytelsesrike miljøer betraktet som tre banneord – inspirert av bakstreveri.
Opplysningsvirksomheten har stått sentralt i Datatilsynets arbeide. Vi oppfatter oss ikke selv som som et <<politi>>, men som et organ som sprer kunnskap om borgerens rettigheter og handlingsalternativer på området <<personopplysninger>>

Blir Datatilsynet 50 år i 2030 ?
I så fall: Hva vil hovedoppgaven være ?
Antagelig vil oppgavene bli omtrent de samme som i dag: 
Passe på opplysningsinnsamlerne, opplyse alle som ønsker opplysning, argumentere for løsninger, gi råd og peke på sammenhenger. Kort sagt: Strø sand i maskineriet inntil postmodernistene kommer med sitt smøringsfett..”

Fra boken Fra tillit til kontroll av Georg Apenes, 2005 Pax forlag