Tron Legacy, the gnostic creation story renewed



A very interesting analysis of the movie Tron Legacy by Neil Hague taken from his book Orion`s door, found on page 538 – 541:



“In 2010, an american science fiction film directed by Joseph Kosinski hit the cinemas. The movie in question was Tron Legacy, the sequel to the 80s Disney movie Tron.


The movie script for Tron Legacy is profoundly Gnostic. It is a story of a programmer or “creator”, called Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who is also the brain behind a fictional tecnology giant called ENCOM. Through his passion for building an artificial reality, Flynn finds himself being transported to the world he was building and consequently disappearing in the original 80s movie, where his son, Sam(Garrett Hedlund), receives a signal from an old pager coming from his father`s office at the Arcade, where Flynn was last seen.


The narrative goes on to reveal that Flynn had been working to build the perfect computer system, along with an antivirus software called Tron. Sam discovers a large computer in a hidden basement of his father`s Arcade, which suddenly digitizes and downloads Sam into the Grid, a virtual realty created by Flynn exsisting within ENCOM`s computer mainframe. When inside the virtual world, Sam encounters algorithms and trojans lead by a replica of his father Flynn, called Clu, who is now the tyrannical leader of the virtual grid world.


Sam escapes Clu, helped by an androgynous character called Quorra (Olivia Wilde), and is taken to his father who is in exile (off grid). Flynn (divine human) and Clu (digital virtual being), are symbolic of the Gnostic creator gods. Flynn reveals to Sam how he had been working to create a perfect computer system and had appointed the avatars Clu, and an exceptionally skilled warrior, Tron, as the grid`s co creators.


During the construction of this virtual realtity, the trio (Flynn, Clu and Tron), discover a species of natural  occuring isomorphic algorithms (ISOs) not conceived by Flynn; bearing the potential to resolve various mysteries in science, religion and medicine. However, Clu considers them an aberration, betrays Flynn and atempts to remove Tron, wiping out all the ISOs. Tron who turn sides to become an agent for Clu, is embodied in the character Rinzler, Clu`s primary enforcer. Tron eventually remembers his true role and allegiance to the original creator Flynn, and helps save Sam and Quarra.


The narrative  of Tron Legacy is a modern day version of the gnostic myths. Flynn, Sam and the warrior Tron are based on the Father/Son, Adam on High Symbolism. The isomorphich algorithms, the ISO called Quorra, are an aspect of Sophia and the represent the creative imagination, hence why Quorra is important to the Creator Flynn. As Quorra explains to Sam when his father saves her. “When I opened my eyes, standing above me was the Creator, your father! He saved me. I guess you can say I was rescued.”


According to screenwriter Adam Horowitz, director Kosinski said the film`s universal theme was “finding a human connection in a digital world.” They followed this by approaching the world from a perspective of the character, using Kevin Flynn as an organizing principle, and focusing on the emotional relationship between father and son and their reconcillation, bringing profound truths in their respective individual lives.


Actor Jeff Bridges said that Tron Legacy “was evocative of a modern myth,” adding that ideas alluding to technolgical advancement were prevelant troughout the film. Talking to Cyriaque lamar of io9 blog, around the time of the release of the movie, Bridges also added, “… the film`s approach to technology was reminisent of a koan, which formed out of Manichaeism and Buddhist philosophy.”


The counterfeit digital god

The leader of the digital world, Clu (who is a replica of his creator Flynn), represents the false  demented god – the Gnostic Demiurge, who, in the movie, desires to take his technological tyranny to the human world. At all costs, Clu must be stopped from infiltrating the human world. Clu could be seen as artificial intelligence personified, and the original grid  built by Flynn symbolizes the original ancient grid we see in temples and stones  all over the earth.


Clu`s new grid, which spreads like a virus, killing of any form of individuality, represents the technological grid and artificial (alien) intelligence to whitch it is connected. As Clu says in his takeover speech to the legions of the virtual grid world before they attempt to remove Flynn and Sam to enter the human world:

“Greetings programs! Together we have achieved a great many things. We have created a vast complex system. We`we maintained it, we´we improved it. We`we rid it of its imperfection. Not to mention, rid it of the false deity who sought to enslave us! Kevin Flynn! My fellow programs, let there be no doubt, that our world  is a cage no more. For at this moment, the key to the next frontier is finally in our possession! … Out there is a new world! Out there is our victory! out there is our destiny…”


The threat to our reality is not necessarily a full blown physical dictatorship: those are obvious and can usually be seen for what they are. The tyranny upon humanity today has its roots in the non-physical made physical through linking the human mind to off-world artificial intelligence and the cybergrid empire built around it.


Artificial intelligence and the rise of the robot is probably the most important aspect of the grid. Artificial intelligence has the ability to connect us to the robot phnomena. Alien life is artificial if compared to organic life on earth. And the cybergrid gradually being constructed around us trough electromagnetic technology, for example, is one that will be the “spirit” or lifeblood for all things robotic connected to artificial intelligence (AI).


The grid would also be designed to facilitate programmes which are not organic human beings, but synthetic part-human, connected to AI. The danger of AI has not been fully explained across mainstream platforms that dominate human perception. To do so, it would bring into question many other global issues, not least cyber warfare and population control methods and loss of human sovereignty.


The Gnostic texsts describe the Demiurge and archons as what we see today as artificial intelligence, AI. We have to get over the belief that intelligent life can only take humanoid form or needs to take form at all. We are after all, in our infinite-state only awareness and physycal form is an illusory part of the projection. All forms of information create our human experience (which can be controlled). It is not the true self and so it is with artificial (alien) intelligence.


We recognise our own form, our collective reality. Still artificial intelligence, from beyond the narrow parameters of physicality, must also be able to take form, or at least posess other life forms. In truth humanity is a possessed race, an observation becoming more obvious at this time on earth. You only have to see the impact cellular phones have had on us to realise that humanity is possessed by technology. Technology does an can improve our world, but to what cost?”


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Exit the cave, is one of the most important books you can read:


“Most people will say something feels terribly wrong…with reality, the world, life. Why is that? Because something is wrong. This whole experience called “life on Earth” is a falsified lie.


Standard spirituality, religion and the New Age tell us that we live in a wonderful world, made by a creator who loves us, and who is always waiting for our prayers. Yet some groups, such as the Gnostics and Cathars, believed that we live in a virtual reality simulation, fashioned by an evil creator, with the purpose of consuming our energy and keeping our soul trapped. Plato created the allegory of the Cave to present that we live in a non- real reality, and in fact, are prisoners in it.


Exit the Cave takes a candid exploration into the reincarnation trap, by unpacking a plethora of diverse information from ancient texts and near death experiences, to movies such as Dark City and Westworld in an attempt to deconstruct and understand Plato’s Cave allegory.


Most significant of it all, is how important it is to be prepared at the moment of one’s death – our only true “guaranteed experience.” What awaits us on the other side of turning our back on constant incarnations in a pit of suffering? Perhaps it is what our soul has been dreaming of for eons… going Home.”

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