Google søker om 860 megawatt til datasenter i Skien



Google søker om 860 megawatt til datasenter i Skien. Det er det samme som 5 prosent av Norges samlede strømforbruk, eller forbruket til en halv million husholdninger.

Ingen av avisene som videreformidler dette stiller relevante spørsmål om hva slags konsekvenser det kan få. Særlig interessant er det at Varden som er en av de to største avisene i Skien/ Grenland ved siden av Telemarks Avisa (TA) ikke en gang skriver om saken. Telemarks Avisa derimot har et lite innlegg om hendelsen, men ser tydeligvis ikke noe behov for å opplyse lesererne om hvilken betydning det vil få for inbyggerne i Grenland hvis Google får innvilget søknaden. Er det slik at redaktøren i avisa tror at han ikke vil blir rammet hvis Google få 860 megawatt til datasenteret sitt? Personlig så hadde jeg forventet at en avis som fremstiller seg som seriøs i det minste ville stilt disse spørsmålene i forbindelse med saken:


Hvor mye skal Google betale for strømmen hvis de får innvilget søknaden?


Hvor mye vil strømprisen øke for innbyggerne i Grenland hvis Google får innvilget søknaden?


Hva slags økonomiske konsekvenser vil det få for de allerede etablerte bedriftene i Grenland hvis søknaden til Google går gjennom?


I verste fall så vil mange bedrifter måtte legges ned som følge av skyhøye strømpriser, hvor mange vil miste arbeidsplassene sine hvis det blir en realitet?


Hvordan vil strømprisene bli for offentlige institusjoner som følge av Google sitt enorme strømforbruk? Dvs. Skoler, sykehus, politistasjoner, brannstasjoner etc.?


Og hvilken samfunnsnyttig verdi har dette datasenteret for befolkningen i Grenland som vil gagne innbyggerne der?

Hvordan stiller INP seg til denne saken?


Og sist men ikke minst, er dette spørsmål politikerne stiller og går nøye gjennom før de tar en avgjørelse i denne saken?


Relatert og anbefalt lesing lesing:




Utdrag fra David Icke sin nye bok The Dream

Boken kan kjøpes her


Og her finner du et intervju med Icke der han forteller om sin nye bok.



Utdrag fra David Icke sin siste bok The Dream:


“We begin our journey with Alice down the rabbit hole into the ‘Wonderland’ of the Astral Dimension and it’s going to get real strange real quickly. Hold in there when your head screams ‘ridiculous’. We have a long way to go yet with lots of information to add. The Astral is where the human mind is located and from where the simulated Matrix is projected into ‘3-D’. The brain is not the mind.


The brain is a processor of information which decodes reality into 3-D perception. We can see the brain (3-D), but not the mind which is an energetic field phenomenon beyond human sight (4-D). There are species of form in the Astral that vibrate quick enough to elude our sight sense and they have technology that we call artificial intelligence, or AI.


The difference is that their AI is vastly, vastly, more advanced than we have in a period even when AI is rapidly taking over our world. You could describe Astral AI as more like artificial consciousness. What seems like emerging science fiction technology to us is way back from the cu ing edge in the Astral.


The entire simulation including individual body programs is controlled by Astral AI. We are now experiencing some of that technology in 3-D reality as part of the ‘Great Reset’ which involves the complete subjugation of what we perceive as human. I should introduce the concept at this stage that the Astral Mind – ‘our Mind’ as we perceive it – is a form of AI and is specifically designed to trap the Divine Spark (the True ‘I’) in illusion.


The overall simulation information field is projected by Astral AI and 3-D is the decoded holographic version of that field. So, the simulation in 3- D has two facets. There is the interactive ‘Wi-Fi’ field encoded with information that we perceive as the ‘human world’ and there are the body-programs that decode the ‘Wi-Fi’ into holographic ‘physical’ illusion (Fig 35). This allows the demonic to manipulate its simulation field and how its targets decode and perceive the simulation field.


Conscious people awakening to the reality of their predicament are especially in the sights of the Astral demons, but consciousness in awareness of itself is far more powerful than they are. From this perspective what I said about the brain decoding holographic ‘physical’ reality is correct, but that is part of a much bigger picture of perceptual skulduggery. The brain is the body’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) decoding information from the simulation. As Pao L. Chang wrote: ‘… our picture or three-dimensional model is nothing more than a perception of the CPU’.


Consciousness can intervene in this process for those that are awakening.


The dynamic is the same as with human Wi-Fi and computers. One is an information field (the Internet in waveform) and the other decodes that field into a totally different state on the screen. Today’s 3-D technology mimics (as above, so below) the reality we are experiencing and how it works. Each human body is a projection of an ‘individual’ AI Astral Mind which is encoded with the so ware ‘life-plan’ for each ‘incarnation’. This is what we experience as an ‘individual life’. It is literally true that ‘everything is in the Mind’ unless there is awakened intervention from the Divine Spark.


When ‘spiritual’ people talk of ‘going beyond the mind’ and ‘ge ing the mind out of the way’ they are referring without knowing to the AI Astral Mind that is dictating perception without input from expanded awareness. The whole reason for the simulation is to stop that input and entrap the perceptions of the Divine Spark in a fake reality that it thinks is real. The reason ‘why’ will become clear.


In their unmanipulated state Divine Sparks are all ‘One’ as a unique expression of the All That Is and crucial to perceptual entrapment of the True ‘I’ is a sense of individuality, apartness and isolation generated by the AI Astral Mind. This also allows for the specific manipulation – designer manipulation – of captured Divine Sparks which are entrapped observers of all this and deluded by the AI simulation into believing they are experiencing a ‘physical’ incarnation. 3-D reality may be an illusory projection from the Astral, but it’s very real to those experiencing its decoded holographic form.


Genetics for example is not illusory in the sense of 3-D perception. I am looking at a computer screen and my bum is on a chair and in that way 3-D is physically ‘real’; but I know the quantum realm shows that it can’t be. It’s a ‘Wi-Fi’ field decoded into what I ‘see’ by my ‘brain’ which is itself a ‘Wi-Fi’ field! In that sense ‘physicality’ is not real. It depends on your point of a ention – perception. I was sent some text from the ‘Yoga Sutra’, considered one of the most important teachings in yoga, which is an oral tradition apparently dating to 200 BC. It gives advice on how to ‘remember that your nature is Consciousness’:


Remembrance of Consciousness occurs only when the mind becomes still. If we can still the mind, then we will rest in our true form, which is the one who truly sees. If we cannot still the mind, we will think we are the mind and we will suffer.


All these various spiritual traditions say we must still the mind and go beyond mind. Why? What is this mind that enslaves us and that we must still or go beyond to be free? It is the Astral AI Mind that I am describing here. The dynamic between the AI Mind and the Divine Spark is captured in this line: ‘… we will think we are the mind and we will suffer.’


‘We’ are not born, and ‘we’ don’t die. Birth and death are constructs of the simulation specifically to promote a sense of isolation and separation, to add a fear of the unknown to the mix, and to associate ‘life’ and self with the body.



Robert Monroe (1915-1995) was a radio broadcasting executive who brought the ‘out-of-body experience’ to public a ention. Throughout history people have been projecting their consciousness into Astral reality by withdrawing their focus of a ention from the body. I said before that we project our essence into everything on which we focus our a ention. Out-of-body experiences, or OBEs, are not the same as near-death experiences, or NDEs. The former happens while the body is still active while the other is triggered when the body ‘dies’ before being ‘revived’.


The demonic Cult-owned Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) began to take serious notice in 1978. The CIA and US military persuaded Monroe to work with them in a project dubbed the Gateway Process. Declassified documents describe Gateway as:

… a training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between the left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and space.


In other words, escape the perception of 3-D restrictions of time and space and participants entered Astral reality. What they found confirms what I’ve been writing in these books over the years. Lieutenant Colonel Wayne McDonnell oversaw the Gateway Process and later said that our reality is a holographic universe. Waking life was a projected electromagnetic matrix. 


Monroe’s discoveries went further. He describes how participants in the out-of-body state would o en see interdimensional entities that more than anything took a reptilian form. They became known in Gateway research as the ‘alligators’. Monroe knew what they were seeing from his own experiences out-of-body. He observed saurian entities in the 4-D Astral which had been manipulating and enslaving humanity for millennia. As Astral phenomena they were only visible to those sensitive enough to see outside the confines of visible light. Why can’t everyone see them? This is why.


Now, in relation to the subject at hand, Monroe said that these reptilian entities feed off human energy which is essential to their survival for reasons I’ll be describing. He called this energy trawled by the entities ‘loosh’ and he said humanity was being farmed and harvested. I had been describing this scenario for decades before I came across the Monroe material and faced mass ridicule and abuse for my trouble.


However, it doesn’t ma er whether you laugh and scoff at the truth. The truth will still be the truth. How things are does not change because you refuse to believe it. Resistance to a non- human force orchestrating events is beginning to fade as ever larger numbers see that what is unfolding is an obviously anti-human agenda. Fade it must. We can only withdraw from a game when we know how it’s played.


Otherwise, it will keep pulling us back. Astral Reptilians involved here are AI projections of the simulation and when they absorb loosh so does the simulation. AI Reptilians and Greys are connected to a centrally controlled hive mind which they seek to connect to humans through an AI connection to the human brain. Isn’t that correct, Mr Musk?


Every thought and emotion generates a frequency relating to the nature of the thought and emotion.


Together they form a field of energy around us and projecting from us. These are collectively our perceptions, or state of being. This is the energy being harvested and low-vibrational entities need low- vibrational energy, or they cannot absorb it. Frequencies they require relate to low-vibrational thought and emotion – fear, anxiety, hatred, resentment, regret, depression, and such like.


The simulation is structured to generate as much of this as possible. Make sense of the world? Loosh is the ‘human’ life-force, but it must be laced with negative emotion for Astral demons including Reptilians to absorb and harvest. In this way even high-vibrational states like love and positive desire and intent can be loosh if they are accompanied by the feeling that you can’t have what you love or desire, or the focus of your intent. I want this or that, but I can never have it. I desire a be er world, but it will never happen.


In contrast, love and wisdom with intent and desire that is unquenchable and unbreakable in its determination to succeed is not loosh and cannot be farmed for it lacks the essential ingredient of low- vibrational self-doubt, sadness at non-achievement, and resignation that you don’t have the power to achieve your intent. This has endless expressions throughout human reality. You could say that loosh is the Spirit broken and non-loosh is the Spirit that refuses to be broken.


These two states can be symbolised in a way by bowing to the perceived power of authority and ‘fuck you, authority, I’m more powerful than you are’. We must bend the knee to no one and nothing. The ego, as defined as five-sense perception, can be a prison; but the ego, as defined as self-respect for your sovereign uniqueness, is the way to open the door. I talked there about ‘human’ life-force, but that is only in the way it is experienced.


Loosh is the energy eminating from Divine Sparks as they respond emotionally to the human life and events that they think they are experiencing. This is the whole point of the simulation. To manipulate Divine Spark perception to generate loosh. ‘Human’ experience is only the trigger. This has two advantages for the demons. Divine Sparks generate loosh from the emotional impact of their illusory human experience and that also lowers the frequency of Divine Spark perception which keeps them trapped within the frequency walls of the simulation.


The ‘world’ as a loosh farm:


Re-evaluate society from this perspective and you’ll see how the Cult and its demonic masters are constantly seeking to break our Spirit and make us resigned to our lot and our place. To want and desire, but to be resigned to never ge ing there. We are pressured – now more than ever – to surrender our uniqueness of view, perception, and action to the collective blob and mob representing a state of surrendered consciousness that demons so desire to farm. 2 + 2 = 4 increasingly becomes 2 + 2 = 5. Just accept it. Yes, it’s obviously crazy, but there is nothing you can do.


Accept whatever we tell you or else. You have no power and no choice. We know what you seek, but you can’t have it. Demons and their Cult systematically give us hope and then dash it to break our Spirit. Apply what I am saying here to Cult-created social media, and it is clearly a loosh machine designed to instigate constant and extreme levels of low- vibrational emotional abuse and response that break the Spirit of so many people.


This can happen to the point even of suicide which is a fantastic source of loosh with the combination of life-force and the vibrational density of the emotional state that triggers taking your own life. Fear and anxiety, especially about the ‘future’ and the unknown, is the human state. Roman philosopher Lucius Seneca (4 BC to 65 AD) said: ‘They lose the day in expectation of the night and the night in fear of the dawn.’ 3-D reality is also a killing field. It has been set up to play virtually every species against each other.


People say how wonderful nature is and there are many aspects of the ‘natural’ world that I enjoy, too, but we should not delude ourselves. ‘Nature’ is extraordinarily violent. I mean everything from a volcano, hurricane, and earthquake to the minute-by- minute mass slaughter that involves one species killing another just to survive. The simulation has been designed that way as a loosh producer. One species survives by the demise of another and think of the loosh potential of that alone.


People eat animals and animals eat each other and, as a result, live their life in constant fear of being eaten. Plants also have awareness. Experiments have shown via electrical responses that when a combine harvester enters a field the wheat is aware of the danger. Scientists at Israel’s Tel Aviv University have recorded distinctive noises made by different plant species and found that this relates to the stress the plant is experiencing, for example through lack of water. The more stress the more frequently the sounds are emi ed. The study authors wrote: ‘We found that … each plant and each type of stress is associated with a specific identifiable sound.’


They said the sounds could probably be heard by various animals, such as bats, mice, and insects, while imperceptible to the human ear. Lead author Professor Lilach Hadany from the School of Plant Sciences and Food Security said the findings suggest that the world is full of plant sounds, and that these sounds contain information. The take from this and other research is that plants and trees experience trauma as well as animals. Bronte Baxter writes in her online book, Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic:


Did you ever wonder why a good God would build a world where the only way to survive is by taking life? How long would you stay alive if you refused to eat? You may love animals and grow plants inside your home and flowers in your garden, but every time you eat, you destroy the life of something. A something with a consciousness, that feels and desires to live, as we do …


… I’m not a sentimentalist. I’m a person questioning, increasingly aware of an insidious thread woven through biological life. We are born, we feed, and we die. Life is a process of consuming other living things in order to stay alive as long as possible until death in turn consumes us. We tell ourselves life is a whole lot more, but it’s reduced to that as long as we must feed to survive.


‘Humans’ enter this world through the trauma of the birth process and leave through the trauma of bodily death. In between the two there is the constant fear of not surviving and not only in terms of life itself. There is the fear of losing your job, reputation, relationship, and not making the rent or mortgage at the end of the month. This is without all the other reasons to fear provided by the manipulations of the demon-controlled Global Cult. We have war, health scares, access to food and warmth, and what might happen to our children.


The list is endless. The Cult keeps them coming to instil maximum fear and anxiety to produce more loosh for their Astral masters. In this context the world and all its inversions and contradictions begin to make total sense. It has been created as a loosh-production factory and the more suffering and fear the be er for the demons.


I have talked at length over the years about the perceptual prison of the five senses which are the triggers for emotional responses to whatever we think we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Five-sense focus generates enormous amounts of emotional energy to be consumed by these lunatics and it is coming from the Divine Spark’s energetic response to what it believes it is witnessing and experiencing. The AI body program is encoded to increase the effect of emotional trauma with what you might call an emotional amplifier, and this is what is known as the ‘emotional’ or ‘Astral’ body.


They gave us their mind’ – yes, an AI Astral Mind:


Robert Monroe tells in his book Far Journeys how he fell into depression a er a meeting with an entity during an out-of-body experience when he was told how other- dimensional demons (as I would call them), created the ‘Universe’ (simulation) as a food source and harvested human energy a er death (from the Divine Spark/Soul). This would be especially emotional energy which is their prime sustenance.


He was told that the human realm was established by these energy vampires (the origin of vampire legends) to create maximum suffering even down to giving animals the a ributes, such as fangs, claws, etc., to cause horrific damage to their prey and so release intense emotional energy (terror). Plants were also sources of loosh when they were killed and consumed. I understand why people choose to be vegetarians and vegans, but loosh applies to all conscious life and not only sources of meat.


Death is a major moment of loosh release whatever form that may take and the more suffering that precedes bodily death, the more loosh is generated. I have wri en in many books about the revelations of Don Juan, a Yaqui Indian healer, shaman, and man of wisdom in Mexico. He was the source for the books of Peruvian-born writer, Carlos Castaneda, between the 1960s and 1990s.


Don Juan said there is a non-human force hidden from humanity which he referred to as the ‘predators’ or ‘flyers’ that farms us like chickens, manipulates our perceptions, and feeds off our energy. Castaneda quotes Don Juan in his book, The Eagles Gift, in which the predator is symbolised as an eagle:


The Eagle is devouring the awareness of all the creatures that, alive on earth a moment before and now dead, have floated to the Eagle’s beak, like a ceaseless swarm of fireflies, to meet their owner, their reason for having had life. The Eagle disentangles these tiny flames, lays them flat, as a tanner stretches out a hide, and then consumes them; for awareness is the Eagle’s food. The Eagle, that power that governs the destinies of all living things, reflects equally and at once all those living things.


These words are in line with what Robert Monroe said. Don Juan told Castaneda that predator demons were humanity’s ‘lord and master’ (we must worship ‘The Lord’) and had rendered us docile and helpless (more loosh). They suppressed our protest, demanded that we don’t think independently (note all the recurring themes), and sought to consume our ‘Glowing Coat of Awareness’:


They took us over because we are food to them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them …


… In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous manoeuvre – stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist; a horrendous manoeuvre from the point of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.


They gave us their mind by hijacking perception with the AI Astral Mind. The fear of discovery is the knowledge that once humanity awakens to its plight – the Divine Spark awakens –the game is over. We don’t have to take this shit. We don’t.


Creation story:


A long time ago, in human terms, a consciousness through what Gnostic writings called ‘error’ became convinced that it was the true God. This was such an inversion of reality, right to the fact that there is no God as humans are told to perceive it. There is no master, there is only potential. This potential can be guided by wisdom, and it is in many ways wisdom that is perceived as God.


The foundation state of Infinite Reality is one of wisdom. It is a state that is very difficult to describe in human language because wisdom has connotations in the human mind. It is a state that sees all and does not judge because it knows that there but for the grace of perception go I. As we observe what you call the simulation, we see a teaming mass of Infinite Wisdom entrapped in its own delusion. By entrapping its perception of itself that teaming mass of entrapped consciousness is only entrapped by its own perception of reality. There are no guards on the gate. There is only the perception of them. How can Infinite Reality influence that level of self-deception?


Awareness is expressed as a form of frequency. It [frequency] is not quite the same outside the simulation as it is perceived [inside] through the generating of its perceptual program. Therefore, what you cannot perceive, you cannot consciously connect with [wisdom] when you are trapped in simulation senses. Most humans believe they can see when they look through their eyes [but] they are filters which deliver a desired reality. One that does not include wisdom. Where is the wisdom in what you call human life? It is madness. It is a form of extreme insanity which the program delivers as perfectly sane. You know when you are awakening from the madness and the program when you can see the madness and the program. If you see only the madness, the Matrix still has you.


So a long time ago in the human perception of time, this [‘error’] consciousness state began to believe it was the master of all. And it was banished from wisdom. This is reported as God banishing the Devil from Heaven. No, this consciousness banished itself not from heaven, but from wisdom. It banished itself through [a] perception that is anything but wise. That it is the master of all. This perception alone banished it – banished itself from wisdom. So, you have a perceptual master, a perceptual king, without a kingdom. It could no longer enter, interact with, wisdom from a perception of stupid, of arrogance, of desire to control. There was a king without a kingdom. What to do? Uh, I will create one. This is what you call the simulation.


Within the infinite realms and realities, within the wisdom of infinity, are many realms which the creativity of wisdom has created, perceived into existence. Think of it as like dreaming them into existence. The human world is a dream. It seems very real, doesn’t it? Very solid, very physical. One of these realms, these playgrounds of experience and wisdom, is a reality that looked very much like yours when it was first created. But there were [differences] in the realm of what you call Prime Reality.


There are no empty planets, empty stars, [it] is teaming with life. All different expressions of wisdom interacting with each other, empowering wisdom through insight, interaction. It was the Garden of Eden. This was – is – a dream of wisdom. It’s all happening without the density that you experience. This ‘god’ without a kingdom, king without a kingdom, master without anything to survey,


took this as the blueprint for the kingdom it so desired. It is hard for the human perceptual program to conceive of this. But think of someone, something, dreaming a reality into existence and then someone else dreaming a copy of the original dream.


Wisdom dreamed the original dream, but ignorance dreamed the copy. This is why Gnostic texts talk about a bad copy. Where do you live in your world of perception? You live in the mind of this consciousness that banished itself from wisdom. Can you now appreciate why everything within that mind appears to lack wisdom unless it still retains a connection to wisdom, a wisdom you will never find in simulated reality from anyone not connected to wisdom beyond the simulation of ignorance.


So what you call the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, all these different names, you are living within its ignorance. [Gnostics described the material world as the creation of the ‘Devil’ or Yaldabaoth.] Now how did this happen? Well, some of you are wisdom that has entered the ignorance to circulate wisdom. [This] is why ignorance cannot see wisdom when it smacks them in the face. Wisdom to ignorance is madness. It’s craziness, it’s extremism, it’s danger. But, of course, it’s a danger. What is the biggest danger to ignorance? Well, it has to be wisdom.


You can see why in the Belly of the Beast of ignorance that wisdom is perceived in the way that it is. The wisdom to say we must end war. This is seen as weakness. ‘No!’, ignorance cries. We must fight war. We must be masters. Mmm. That’s interesting. We must be masters. I think I’ve mentioned that before. We must be masters of all we survey.


Look through your history books … the history wri en at least [in] your reality. It is of kings, queens, demanding they must be the master of all they survey and beyond. Alexander the Great didn’t seem very great to wisdom. Look at it. The reality has been dominated by a desire to control, to be master. Why would that be? People ask: Why can’t we just live in peace and respect each other and just let people live the lives they see fit without imposing them on anyone else? Why can’t we do that? Because that is wisdom and you are speaking wisdom in the belly of ignorance. Here’s the thing.


What you call the simulation has been dreamed by the mind of ignorance to give itself a kingdom in which it can be king. That’s it. All these levels of simulated reality, Yaldabaoth dreamed into reality … all [are] in the mind of the ignorant one. What did the wise call this [Yaldabaoth] consciousness? The ‘Foolish One’. Foolish, but all foolishness has the potential to be wise. It’s just that Yaldabaoth doesn’t want to be wise, for it will lose the kingdom of its own perception. Thus, it holds on. It created this dream, an ignorant version of a reality of wisdom.


There are a few things, however, that it had to do. First, it had to entice wisdom into its lair and then it had to make sure that wisdom could not escape its trap. And in the dream, the simulated dream, there were no planets teaming with life. Why would you do that? That’s what wisdom does. It creates interaction where wisdom can gain more wisdom. It does not isolate. That’s what happens when you don’t require wisdom.


You require isolated ignorance which you can then program with a perception that suits you. And that is what has happened. What Gnostics called the ‘Divine Spark’ is that wisdom entrapped in the Yaldabaoth dream. Very quickly wisdom realised it had been unwisely tricked. This was not just another playground of experience and interaction, although it looked like it at first. And the Sparks had to be subdued.


The choice illusion:


And you leave and what you do then [is] enter the out- of-body ‘Spirit World’ level of the same program. People have a perception of the tunnel or a perception of kindly guides and angels and past loved ones and they’re enticed to go into some Spirit World reality as illusory as the human one to prepare for some reincarnation which they believe they choose. Yeah, I chose this life, I chose it because I had to learn lessons. No, this life chose you and without the intervention of consciousness it will drive it.


People have near-death experiences and they return to the body, a part of the program … to convince more and more people that, yes, reincarnation is real, the Spirit World is real, but it’s not. It’s a continuation of the same program. Now why is there this [theme] that we must be willing participants? Why do we have to be manipulated to agree like some lawyer saying sign here without telling you what it means. Sign here, it’ll be good for you. Oh, okay. Thank you, sir.


Why do we have to agree? Because the agreement is the agreement of the Divine Spark to stay asleep and in the program. It is an agreement to go on believing in the dream. Without that agreement it means you’ve stopped believing in the dream – worst nightmare of the dream and its dreamer. It has to go on manipulating the Divine Spark through the AI Mind to go on believing in the dream and, therefore, contract to believe in the dream through acquiescence to the dream.


And it goes on and on and on and on. There are mazes, within mazes, within mazes, within mazes. There are religions that worship a ‘divine’, which is only Yaldabaoth in disguise. There are others followed by billions of the population in the projection – in other words AI – that [promote reincarnation]. They believe that you must keep experiencing horror, oppression, and suppression of potential and the Spirit and so they continue the contract.


Enlightenment is not something you have to work towards, not something you have to quest, to seek like levels of a computer game. Seek and you shall not find – find and you shall find. Enlightenment is simply ceasing to be unenlightened. And what does that mean? It means ceasing to believe in the dream. It ma ers not if you believe in the Spirit World or the human world. It’s all the same dream and if you should believe in it, you are in a state of unenlightenment, ironically, as you go on following the program.


Why would the program be designed to enlighten you? ‘To learn lessons so you can break the cycle’ is really to maintain you in ignorance, to keep you believing in the dream, to keep the Divine Spark believing in the dream. Why is it that when near- death experiencers perceive themselves to be leaving their ‘physical’ body that they are in bewilderment?


A few recognise some familiarity, but for most it appears to be happening for the first time. Where am I? Oh, this must be the Spirit World. There is an angel, a spiritual guide or perhaps a loved one who has passed. Why when they ‘come back’ do they tell us they were bewildered at what was happening when they le the body? Where am I? They tell us that we come ‘here’ through reincarnation to learn lessons. You’ve been in the Spirit World before? Yeah. You’ve le the body before? Yeah. So why were you bewildered? You should have been saying surely, oh, yeah, I remember this. Why were you bewildered? Because it’s all a mind-wipe AI program without the intervention of consciousness beyond the simulation.


Reality revisited:


Booting’ is defined as activating a computer into a ‘state of readiness for operation’. A reboot is to repeat the process. It’s a bit like reincarnation. I am not suggesting a ‘reboot’ of human society, or a tinker here and there, a change of political leader or system.


I say that what is necessary to free ourselves from the simulation Alcatraz and the cycle of reincarnated entrapment is a total re-evaluation of reality in its entirety. No stone unturned, no speck, dot, strand, unquestioned. ‘Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?’, as Morpheus said in The Matrix. Yes, even that. All of it, everything. To do this, genuinely do this, not only intellectually or conceptually, is to comprehend the ultimate revelation about our experienced reality. It’s all bollocks – all of it.


Every last ‘family line’, cultural tradition, religious ritual, every ambition for human ‘success’. Every reincarnated ‘next time’ or ‘last time’. Every loosh-creating emotional trauma, every regret from the ‘past’ and hope for the ‘future’. All is manipulated perception to keep us in the trap, the simulated loop. There is a difference between family groups experiencing together as part of a reincarnation ‘contract’ and groups brought together by spiritual-frequency a achment and alignment in an effort to free humanity (Divine Sparks) and themselves from the simulated illusion.


They say blood is thicker than water, but Spirit is ‘thicker’ than anything. People can have a spiritual connection with someone they have known for ten minutes that they have never had with family members and so clearly blood is not everything. ‘Contractual’ families are specifically designed to generate loosh through conflict or loss. Do parents and siblings ever recover if a child is lost to illness or tragedy?


No – they become loosh machines for life through that experience alone. This does not mean that contractual families can’t love each other – quite the opposite. The greater the a achment the greater the loosh when loss occurs. I am not a acking the idea of family. Not at all. I love my own. I am pu ing the relationship unit into the context of the simulation which has an ulterior motive for everything unknown to the masses. Perceptual trickery is everywhere.


Say goodbye to it all:


The sub-heading is the title of a song by Chris de Burgh about saying goodbye to the horrors of war, but it is a perfect way to describe how we free ourselves from the simulation, That is what we really need to do. Trump or Biden, Schwab and Gates, are diversions from this if we allow that level to be our only focus as so much of the alternative media is doing.


The Cult and its demonic masters want to keep you a ached to the dramas of this world and the human realm conspiracy story until your body cycle ends and you return to the Spirit World for recycling back here. It is obviously right that we uncover and see the manipulation within the realm of the seen. I have done that for 34 years, but not only that. The real revelation that will set us free is so much bigger and more fundamental than just the ‘earthly’ level of the conspiracy. This is why I have emphasised the ‘alternative’ barricades and why it is so vital to dismantle them and see everything from a massively wider perspective. Attachment to the simulation and all its tricks and traps is to remain a slave of the simulation.


I said at the start of the chapter that we need to re- evaluate our perception of family, cultural tradition, religious ritual, ambition for human ‘success’, reincarnated ‘next time’ or ‘last time’, and every loosh- creating emotional trauma, regret from the ‘past’ and hope for the ‘future’. They are all artificial simulation phenomena and different elements of collective entrapment through entrapment of perception and sense of reality.


I am not saying that people should just walk away from them all; only that we see them for what they are – simulated illusions. But illusions only control us when we think they’re real. To acknowledge the Illusion is to free yourself from it. You can enjoy family as I do while knowing that true connections within a family unit are spiritual, frequency, vibration, infinite. They are not by ‘blood’. They are by Spirit. Blood connections are simulation program connections. Families can be a nightmare of conflict and abuse where there is only blood program interaction. The simulation’s manufactured AI-generated ‘karma’ is so o en played out through families and they are a major source of loosh through the emotional impact.


To re-evaluate family is to look again dispassionately without all the program-derived guilt and ask if the situation serves you with love or enslaves you with imposition. Extreme examples would be arranged marriages, a demand that you follow the religion of your parents, and that you do with your life what your parents decide. These are not the behaviour of Spirit. They are arrogant programs founded on ownership, not love.


There are many cases of girls being murdered by their own siblings and fathers for ‘embarrassing’ the family by not following the life program they and their religion dictate. That is not Spirit. It is mental illness. We are expressions of Infinite Awareness and we have the right to decide our own destiny and experience. If you bow to the will of a body program – yours or someone else’s – then the Matrix has you.


Parents and others can use their experience to guide and advise and that’s great. It’s the imposition that I’m talking about. Do you want to marry who your parents have decided? No? Well, don’t. Do you want to follow their religion with its crazy rules, regulations and rituals? No? Well, don’t. Do you want to do with your life what your parents tell you? No? Well, don’t. These cycles, these programs, have to be broken, and we need to be brave enough to break them. If that doesn’t happen, the whole bullshit continues and you’ll be back here for yet another go. More trauma, more loosh.


Do cultural traditions make sense to you like Pachamama? Do they expand knowledge or do they suppress it by holding reality in a time-warp? Do they emphasise your divine infinite uniqueness and power, or program subordination to some deity? Do rituals survive only for the want of ‘why do we still do this?’ And who are the rituals really serving – you, infinity or the demonic Astral ‘gods’? If it is the la er, and it usually is, we must have the courage to reject them. Others can continue because that’s their choice, but you don’t have to. That’s your choice as a unique expression of infinity. A unique expression. You don’t need to be absorbed into a group (think) and concede your uniqueness to a programmed blob.


The more we can see through the illusions in 3-D the be er prepared we are when we leave the body program and enter the Spirit World program. That’s the point where we can best escape the simulation when we are free of the intensity of the 3-D so ware. Step back from the stories, dramas and emotions and see them from the perspective of Infinite Awareness. If you do, they won’t look or feel the same or impact upon you as they did before. You will withdraw from the program more every day as you perfect this with practice until it becomes your default state. It doesn’t mean you become ‘cold’, only that you see the emotion traps before they ensnare you and loosh you.


What is the point of a aching to someone else’s emotional drama when there is nothing you can do to help them? Only they can do that when they are creating and submi ing to the drama. Consciousness flows where attention goes and they give us constant drama to hold our a ention (consciousness) in the Matrix. Humans are addicted to drama in this loosh farm because it’s a loosh farm. That’s their choice. It does not have to be yours. It is what it is and it will be something else tomorrow. Ooooh, have you heard?? So and so, this or that, has happened, Oh my god! But you said that yesterday and the day before and the day before that.


How can you be so cold?, says the drama queen. It’s not coldness, it’s dispassionately observing reality. It’s keeping your head while all around you are losing theirs. Alan Wa s said: ‘To be free from convention is not to spurn it but not to be deceived by it.’ In this case, to be free from the drama is not to be cold and unsympathetic to it, but not to be pulled in by it. Someone is already looshing. Why make it two? Withdrawing from simulation trickery and being looshed without end begins to take you into that whole- brained balanced state that calms the rollercoaster ride – ‘life is a rollercoaster, you just go a ride it’. Or not. The observer and experiencer decides.




The moment arrives when you leave the mad house and in the simulation illusion enter another that appears to be less mad and so it’s confused with not mad at all. Big mistake. It is like judging happy as being less unhappy than you were which is how most humans define happiness anyway. I have le a loveless human life and I am feeling love and bliss (a higher frequency) so this must be ‘heaven’.


An ecstasy pill is not heaven. It just mimics bliss for a short time. This is where you decide if you buy another ticket for the loopy loop or say bye, bye, to the asylum. Thanks for having me, been memorable, now fuck off. From the experience of near-deathers and rare between-life memories you will be met by your (AI) religious figure of choice or passed-over loved ones and assorted masters, guides and elders to entice you up the tunnel or across the threshold where ‘there is no going back’. Well, not until we’ve looshed you thoroughly and returned you to the mad house with another identity alias.


You were a white slave owner last time weren’t you? Yes sir. Okay, we’ll make you a black anti-racist activist this time saying black lives ma er and demanding reparations for what you did as a slave owner. It is vital in my view as you enter the simulation Spirit World to hold your sense of identity as Infinite Awareness, an awakened Divine Spark. Don’t think you are, know you are. Consciousness flows where attention goes. Give your a ention to the simulation in all its forms and you stay there through energetic a achment. Let it flow to your Infinite Nature and Infinite Forever and that’s where you will go. Game over, done and dusted.


Take no shit from these Astral imposters. Make it clear that you know it’s all manipulated illusion, as are they, and you are not falling for it. They can’t keep you unless you contract with them through perceptual trickery by conceding your attention to go on believing in their dream. Don’t believe in it and you are out of here. Oh, but you must appear before the elders and have a life review of all the bad things we made you do. Mr Archon man, please rearrange the following into a well- known phrase or saying: it arse your up stick. You don’t need them. They need you.


They are not the power. You are. They are looshing you. You are not looshing them. It’s all sleight of hand. The impact of the trick and the magician ends when you know how it’s done. This book has been wri en for that reason. I am sure you will still have many questions, so do I, and the quest for truth goes on without limits and perceptual barricades.


The dream is the dreamer and the dreamer is the dream. One cannot exist without the other. When the dreamer forgets that, the dream becomes the master. This is what has happened. This is the whole foundation of the simulation and it hangs by that tenuous thread of forgetfulness. What we have been exploring in these pages is the real conspiracy from which every other conspiracy is derived. Without The Dream there can be no Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates, no Rockefellers or Rothschilds, no fake reality to be ‘Reset’. How do we end all levels of the conspiracy? How do we secure freedom? How do we return home to Infinite Forever?

We wake up from The Dream.”
















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Humanity’s biggest existential threat is our headlong rush to a technologically advanced future. Already we increasingly rely on smart devices to the point that they are becoming extensions of our bodies. We are at a turning point for our species in which our natural humanity is gradually being converted into an artificial format that will lead to the loss of our souls. And, as Nigel Kerner reveals in astonishing detail, the blueprints for this future already exist.

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